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Threatened Closure Of Leek Day Nursery

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Thread icon Mandy 19th Jun 2012 18:36

Can anyone help this parent?


hi sorry to ask i was just wondering if you could help or no of any one .....leek day nursery Buxton road in leek has been threatened to close please let me explain the nursery has been open 25 years and is fantastic has just had a outstanding off stead report takes lots of children regardless of what medical condition as you are wear not many do that the staff and nursery are fantastic and i don't no what i would of dun without them as they was allweys their  my eldest had medical problems and no nursery would take her my other chil had no additional need she also went i have known a lot of people have used this nursery please any chance you could help they not enough of these sorts of nursery's it not just special needs it fantastic if any chance you could help my email is casjones@live.co.uk

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